25 Paramount Life Lessons I’ve Learned in my 25 Years on this Beautiful Earth!

Today on April 25,2015 I turn 25! Life has certainly thrown me in all different directions, and taught me all different things. I have seen a few articles posting sarcastically how awful it is to turn 25, but I thought, how magical it is to be 25. I have been through a lot and I have learned even more. Why not sit back, and reflect. I made this list 3AM and despite the random hour that I made this list, I don’t disagree with anything that I wrote, because I feel that my heart spoke true. So here, is the short list of a few lessons I have learned along the way.

1.A lot of people say that 25 is “midway” though your life or “quarter way” through your life.. Well I say, no! That’s a damn lie! It’s not guaranteed to be a quarter life crisis. I have had too many people die in my life at a young age to know that you cannot assume or expect to live a single moment ( let alone day) beyond the one you are in right now!

2. Start to love yourself now even if in the past it seemed impossible or difficult. It’s never too late to look in the mirror and begin to love the beautiful, smart person looking back at you!

3. Trust your intelligence.

4. Don’t allow people to take advantage of you, your kindness or compassion. It’s easy to crawl back to people out of habit but it takes an adult and strength to stick up for yourself and be able to walk away from negative people.

5. It’s okay to let toxic and negative friendships go if they no longer suit you – put yourself first. It’s not selfish– it’s self care.

6. Cherish your mother- you only get one and you will never realize what a deep and special bond you share with her until she is gone. The lessons she taught you about how to be a man or woman have shaped you into the person and human being you are today and that is something to be grateful and mindful of.

7.  Negative self talk is detrimental, but positive self talk can go miles and turn your day  and whole LIFE around.

8. It’s okay to ask for help and there is no shame in seeking professional help or therapy.

9. When you begin to listen to yourself and stop lying  you will be truly fuffilled in life.

10. A smile and a listening ear can go a long way in helping others

11. A compliment goes a long way. Also, learn how to accept a compliment, people don’t usually just lie to you and tell you what you want to hear! So accept a compliment gracefully!

12. Sometimes the most important thing you can do today is breathe!

13.Animals matter and you have to stick up for them. Just because they don’t have voices we can’t hear doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings and needs- they are innocent and need our protection and love! Animals are my friends.

14. Tell those that you love and care about how you feel. There is no time like the present.

15. Cherish today for we are never promised tomorrow.

16. Be the bigger person.

17. If you are craving certain sweets or candy wait a day.If you still want it  a day later you know it wasn’t just a passing craving but something you actually want and you save yourself some guilt!

18.You aren’t crazy.

19.I am enough – still working on this one!!

20.I am flawed. And that is okay.

21. Everything will happen in its own time

22. Nothing will ever, ever go as you hope and plan. Something will always change, it may be minute or catastrophic, so be prepared and flexible and open minded and realize that life doesn’t give a shit about your expectations!

23. Money is important but not everything.

24.If you are not doing what makes you happy then you need to reassess. Life is way too damn short to be doing something for another reason than joy and bliss. Money, fame, glory or accolades is not worth the sacrifice of personal self worth and joy

25. Try to make a difference in the world. Affect at least one person. You are with yourself 24/7 so you need to love yourself but try to spread the love to someone else too

Love yourself and Live your life!

Love yourself and Live your life!


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