Color dain.

The color slowly drains from my world,leaving everything grey and washed out. everything feels flat. and stale. Yet, I remain unaffected. Numb. I want so badly to scream aloud, to reach out. But something tears at me, and wills me to remain silent. I wish someone could read my mind, and understand the pain I … Continue reading


So my day began at 1:00pm because as a result of my life not going my way lately, I have been sleeping later and later each day. I scurried off to my therapy appointment at 2 where I talked to my therapist, Chris, who I have been seeing for the past 6 years. It went … Continue reading


Well, I saw this day coming. I have been writing in my diary about it since I was 16. On Friday, October 12 I was officially diagnosed with bipolarNOS. I went to see my psychiatrist, whom I havent seen in 3 years. I mostly went because¬†I needed to get a script for my vyvance¬†to manage … Continue reading