Blood, Sweat and Tears.

So my communcation speech class has an assignment where we have to bring in a bag and put three items in a bag. Each item resembles a part of our past, present and future. For my past I am bringing in my irish dance dress, for the present I am brining in a compass because I am still finding my path. Latley, life has been taking me on a windy, spinny path, and I am just starting to figure things out. I have been dealing with medical problems, figuring out my career and overall just learning more about myself. I’ve had some rough patches of drinking too much, taking up smoking, being a semi-slut, getting denied from the marines, a failed relationship and weight gain. BUT I am most excited for my future.

This jar represents the blood,sweat, and tears I forsee in my future on my path of joinging the Army. I threw some dirt in there too because like miss frizzle always said “take chances! Make mistakes, get messy!” I already know how hard this has been since I have been saying I am going to join and I have been in the enlistment process for a year. And I know once I loose 50 pounds ( which is gonna be tears and sweat in it of itself) the road will just be beginning!

This jar of red-food coloring and dirt has become really important to me. It is aa physical representation what I need to work for. A big relization of mine was Novemeber is coming up. A year ago I said I was going to be in the Army by now. I realized around veterans day that I wanted to enlist. And I am 20 pounds fatter than I was, when I was FAT! So its like, time to get your shit together, lady! So i started bike riding, the first day i went 9 miles in 53 min and then 6 miles in 50 min. Biking is fun, the glacial drumlin trail is really beautiful. And I have been making changes to my diet. I have really been heavily munching on salads, and for some reason I have begun eating blue cheese dressing! I havent been to culvers since tuesday, so haaay.

However financially I am still struggling. I am not making enough money at Michaels and the WKLH job interview seems like a bust… Anyway, I am making new friends and school started on tuesday, I have my first psych class tomrrrow- a monument in my life! Since the ripe age of 12 I have said I wanted to take a psych class to be a psychologist so, here I am at 22 finally taking the class!


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