Thoughts of you come rushing through my head. the flood gates open, unable to keep you out. your smile, your smell, the feel of your body,the care in your eyes, concern in your voice, all banished without a trace. I hang on lusting for your kiss, craving the moment you change your mind. The notion that I was ever over you mocks me with disdain.

You will never come around for the words would have already been spoken. Forced to be in your company for a week at a time makes my head spin. how can I look at you without longing for your lips?

You say you don’t regret anything And you were unhappy.. I wish I had such a detached feeling of what our relationship was. If only you would turn around and say the words I long to hear. I promise I will change, for you, I would do anything. You have moved on, vowed you would never return to the perpetual state of unrest you drowned in for the past few months.

If only we could go back and return to the beginning. If only I could take back all that I said that ruined everything. We weren’t perfect we never will be but please don’t deny that this is destiny. we are meant to be together, it is written in the stars. Please turn around and open your eyes, peel back the veneer that keeps me away.

You want me and I want you. It’s as simply complicated as that. I wish I could reveal to you all that I feel, but when is the right moment? When we are alone up north? No, I fear that would only make things awkward and uncomfortable for everyone…


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