Why I choose not to put my army enlistment on facebook

I realize I haven’t put the fact that I want to join the Army on facebook because I am serious about it. i can put anything on facebook, how betrayed I felt by a friend, what song I am currently in love with, what awful movie I just wasted two hours of my life watching or even if I had diarrhea. But the fact that I am in the enlistment process for the army- I refuse to broadcast that.

I realize how pathetic and ridiculous I sound to people when I went from saying

“I have this great apartment in NYC and Im gonna work hard and be an actress and make it. It wont be easy but I will do it!”
 to then switch to:
 ” oh yeah, I changed my mind, I wanna join the U.S Army  and defend America and die for my country.”
 absolutely absurd.
When the time comes, when I take my oath and have reached my weight goal I will then make an announcement to facebook. Its funny how important facebook is. I suppose it it no ones business but everyone broadcasts their life on there. However, this decision is one of the most sacred decisions I have made, and I don’t need or want anyone doubting me.
I got the big packet of “homework” that you bring to MEPS. it is about 20 pages. I have to write all the jobs and places I have lived and put someone who can vouch that I lived there. This whole packet is to ensure that I am not a terrorist. I realized that I am kinda boring, there were a lot of medical questions and all of them I answered no.
My biggest concerns now are the fact that I am still 194 lbs. it is better than 205, yes, however I am supposed to be like 157. I tired dieting for the first like 2 weeks and it went well, I was drinking nothing but water and only eating when I was hungry. But now, as I sit here with a milkshake from culvers, after eating onion rings, a burger and a small pizza today I am thoroughly disgusted. I went for a run at 8. I ran for 8 min straight, I ran .79 miles. then I started walking and had a 11min mile. not terrible, but eating a milkshake after running when you are not hungry is just embarrassing.
I move into my apartment on Thursday. I am quite excited, it is pretty expensive considering I lost my job at bonefish. However I am actively looking for a second job… Anyway, I am tired.

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