Well after months of tests and jumping through hoops, I finally have a diagnosis: Hypothyroidism

I had blood work done a few days ago, and found out the hormones in my brain are “broken” because they are not transmitting signals to my ovaries signaling my period hence I didnt have mien for 6 months. When I did get my period, i had it 25 agonizing days straight.

I am happy that I have an answer to my unexplained weight gain of 40 pounds in the past year. I went from a size 8 to an 18. and I went from 150 pounds to 205. I hated myself and honestly didn’t( and still don’t) recognize myself in the mirror. my appearance has drastically changed over the past year. I no long have cheekbones or my clavicle, I had stretch marks riddling my whole body. The worst part about it, is my eating habits have not changed at all. All i do is sleep all day, I can sleep for 12 hours straight and still be tired. I wake up and then 2 hours later I am exhausted.

The even MORE  unfortunate part about this is the lack of support from my family. My mom and sister were rude and unsympathetic trying to tell me that I just eat unhealthy. Listen bitches, my eating habits have not changed at all, I still eat the same old stuff I used to. Do NOT try to tell me that it is my eating habits, when my bloodwork and hormones are telling me something different. They are so freaking rude, telling me I “eat like shit. just own up to the fact that you eat like shit” seriously, suck my dick, you rude, unsupportivebitches.

anyway. I am starting a new medicine tomorrow to get my hormones in check. I havent done my research yet and I don’t know what hypothyroidism entails but let me tell you, give me an hour and I will know everything. I am just afraid that with this new diagnosis I will not be able to join the army because I have to take medicine.

Anyway, hope you liked my rant!

xoxox Allie


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