Silence: Personification

Silence enters the room, arrogantly making her presence known.

She commands the room to follow obediently and listen to all she says.

As he and I sit, staring into each other’s eyes, unsure of what to say, Silence coolly mocks us.

Idly lounging she watches as we struggle for words.

As boisterous lips break apart, opening to greet the stale air, teeth gingerly make an appearance. Covered with coats of plaque and jagged edges, our teeth shy away from cooperating with our newly languid tongues.

Eyes twitch uncomfortably, fingers reach to pull nervously at the clothing covering our backs.

Silence menaces us by rudely remaining mute.


The smile that smears her face is one of pleased hatred, as she assuredly rises to stand.


She stretches her long arms and begins to gaily prance about the room, enjoying our uncomfortable, yet mutual humiliation. Dancing around in a dizzying rage she triumphantly strolls out of the room, but not before she startles both he and I into a deeper state of tacit compliance, by leaping between us and shouting “YOU FOOLS!”


Silence, is a bitch.


Her seductive powers are amplified when she drags along

her close gal pal who has come to be known as


Together they make a destructive and terrifying pair.


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