Open up to me

  • Its about how I think the unspoken rules of courtship are stupid– (aka the girl is supposed to wait for the man to make a move) and about how I wish people would just be open and not afraid to show who they are




I hate these stupid rules

to protect women from looking like fools,

why must I, sit and wait?


Don’t I have a mind of my own?

Or am I just a stupid drone,

not being able to make decisions, based on old traditions?


Instead I sit at home, expectantly waiting by the phone,

and when he doesn’t call, I feel so small.

So tell me can’t I choose?

So I don’t always have to lose?


There’s nothing more depressing than always second guessing,

everything you did or said, I just want quiet inside my head.


And it’s kind of funny ya see, what you’ve been doing to me.

I should probably just let you go, give it some time to grow.

Cuz in the end who really knows, baby let’s take this slow.


It’s a lot easier I find, if you just speak your mind,

it’s really simple you see, when I talk you listen to me,

so I’m hopin that you feel the same,

put an end to this childish game.


And  when you talk I’ll listen to you,

no need to be ashamed, oh no no no.

Just open up to me,

open up to me,

open up to me,

open up to me,

show me who you are.


It’s all a part of the game,

I wanna know more than your name.

So, tell me a secret, I promise I will keep it,

there’s nothing you should hide,

baby I’m on your side.


Reach down deep inside,

forget about that thing called pride

there’s nothing you could do that would be me change how I feel about you.


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