Lessons as a Vegan

Things I have learned about being vegan for 2 days:

  1. ALWAYS READ ALL LABELS. Just because moringstar has spicy bean burgers, does not mean it does not have milk or eggs in it. I was so jazzed to eat my first veggie burger after being a vegan for 8+ years. My eating habits have drastically changed in these past two days since I have become vegan. I bought morning star burgers and non egg buns Sarah lee. After enjoying my “burger” and posting a pic Facebook someone told me to check the label. I did and what did I find? EGGS AND MILK were both in my burger. I started to yell and swear because I was PISSED that the deliciousness I just enjoyed was not, in fact, vegan. I later found out my buns were not vegan either.
  2. It is quite hard to find vegan salad dressing. After minuets of looking I found  small section of vegan/ veggie dressings. I learned the sad, hard lesson that Ranch dressing is not longer an option as it had milk in the recipes.
  3. Eating on the go is not feasible. Say goodbye to popping a pizza in the oven 45 min before work, adios cheese curds on the run at culvers and se la vi qudoba quesadillas when you need a pick me up. I suppose I will have to familiarize myself with my kitchen and begin cooking cous cous and other vegan staples.

I want to become a vegan because I care so much about animals. I have vowed to become vegan for a month minimum, if it does not seem like a fit, I will stop after a month. It is already a challenge since my favorite foods are as follows:

  1. Pizza
  2. mozzarella sticks
  3. String cheese
  4. cheese quesadillas

I also throughly enjoy lifesavers and skittles which both contain gelatin, aka crushed up animal bones and horse hooves barf.

Wish me luck, keep you toes crossed!

I have already noticed a change in my eating habits! Yesterday I had a bean burrito, edemmame, a fruit smoothie and banana chips! YUM!


❤ Allie


One thought on “Lessons as a Vegan

  1. Don’t worry, once you get used to using other foods as substitutes, losing the taste/need of foods that had additives, planning in advance and tasting new foods/flavours it’ll easy. As a past veggie gone vegan I’ve found veganism a whole lot easy than being vegetarian and more fulfilling. It takes more work to start with but you’ll become more organized, energetic and learn a lot of new things – literally changing your lifestyle gets the brain working in ways it hasn’t in years due to habit and veganism usually adds new interests such as its application for clothing, medicine, household products etc. I hope your first month of veganism is surprising, in a good way!

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