Open up to me

Its about how I think the unspoken rules of courtship are stupid– (aka the girl is supposed to wait for the man to make a move) and about how I wish people would just be open and not afraid to show who they are _________________________________     I hate these stupid rules to protect women … Continue reading

Silence: Personification

Silence enters the room, arrogantly making her presence known. She commands the room to follow obediently and listen to all she says. As he and I sit, staring into each other’s eyes, unsure of what to say, Silence coolly mocks us. Idly lounging she watches as we struggle for words. As boisterous lips break apart, … Continue reading

Really, your gonna stare at me because I’m black and were discussing slavery… A paper.

A specific situation tends to arise every once in awhile at school that I can clearly classify as having cultural differences perpetuate the problem. The difference being race. Ever since I was little and we started learning about slavery in school I began to notice a specific trend whenever these topics came up. I noticed … Continue reading

Lessons as a Vegan

Things I have learned about being vegan for 2 days: ALWAYS READ ALL LABELS. Just because moringstar has spicy bean burgers, does not mean it does not have milk or eggs in it. I was so jazzed to eat my first veggie burger after being a vegan for 8+ years. My eating habits have drastically changed in these past two days since … Continue reading


News: I want to try to become vegan- When I think about how gross it is to eat animals I wonder, why even eat cheese from an animal? It is gross to think of all of the preservatives in cheese and the whole milking process. I dont think it will be easy at all as I LOVE … Continue reading