Weave/Car accidnent

So today was quite eventful!

  1. I got my hair cut to an angled bob at quality cuts- only $11! And my hair stylist suggested putting a few traks in my hair to get the desired look of the picture I showed her. so I met up with her later in the day and drove to her house and got 2 pieces of weave in my hair to look like kelly clarksons hair! It looks great!! It took about an hour but it only cost $25. Well, I got finished at around 5:30 and had a half hour to make it back to my house to go to the admriral game with Sam.
  2. I got in a car accident when my phone went off. I glanced over at my phone for .02 seconds and I looked up and saw card stopped in front of me. I slammed on my breaks and they skidded a little bit before I crashed into the car in front of me at about 15-20mph. My air bags didint deflate or anything but it was a pretty big impact, enough to crack my frotn bumper and crush the hood. It was really scary because it happend so fast. The other guy in front of me, his car had a little divit in front of it and he said “im not gonna worry about it” and we shook hands and both drove away.. THEN
  3. I went to the Admirals game with a girl I work with. Truth be told, she is goregous and I kinda have a crush on her! We got along famosuly. I hope we started a long friendship because I think she is pretty awesome. The sad thing is she is planning to move to colorado, but then again, I am moving too. 😦

What a day! This is obviosuly the abridged version of the day. I just thank God to keeping me alive and not letting me die today. Todays accident could have been a lot worse… I got very lucky. Lesson learned: put your phone on silenet- nothing is so important that it canno’t wait.

Glad to be alive and looking unbe-weavable!



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