New york, here I come

So lots has happened.
I have not worked out in about 2 weeks. I went to door county for vacation for a few days for christmas, I am still fat and I have been looking @ apartment in new york for the past few hours.

I decided I am going to move to NY for a little while after getting i na fight with my mom. she screamed that I am a “fucking failure. you should have graduated this year! They only let in 10 students and you threw it all way.” It was not pretty. After she said that I picked up the glass of wine she was drinking and dumped it in her lap and walked away. She just sat there in shock.

I am not proud that I dumped a glass of wine in her lap like some white trash bitch on an episode of bad girls club but she really pissed me off. I guess we are somewhat even for the $80 straigtner she smashed a few months ago…

Anyway, after looking at apartments in New York I have come to a few conclusions

  • I have no idea about burroughs or good areas to live in NY. I know of Astoria, Queens, and brrokyln. I know I don’t want to live in harlem even thought that is in my price range. I am interested in washingington heights.
  • I will never understand how people can afford $1000+ A MONTH! Like, what do you do for a living? Who the fuck can afford $2000 for an apartment.
  • People with all different incomes move to new york. I was talking to my friend james and I was asking him about how much money people moved to NY with. He moved with $3000, others with $2000. Some people I know moved with $400 and $200. Luckily I am in the thousands however, I would feel more ocmfortable if I was in the double digit thousands…  That could take a while though.
  • I also dont understand how famalies can live in NY. Who can afford an apartment there, let alone a house. Now I understand Ugly Betty and how much their family struggled.

I am so excited to move. I just wish I had a friend to go with me. I feel like this will be a great adventure where I can discover myself and figure out who I am. I am still interested in the army but maybe not as much as I think I am since I havent worked out in so long. I guess if I get really get desperate I can sell my guitar for $100+ on ebay or something.

So yah, I joined some roomate sites and stuff to aid me in my search. Its funny, I realized when I was looking instead of looking for apartments I should be looking for a new JOB so I can afford  nice apartment… :/ Oh well, I’ll figure it out.

I have two options, I can prove my mom right, in that I AM a failure, or prove her wrong and do something great.



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