Nothin special

Things to be happy about:

  • I worked out today for 55min! I did interval training on the precor machine and burned get ready…493 calories! WHAAAT!!! I smiled when I was finished because I felt like quitting a bunch of times while working out. There is nothing more depressing than working out for like 15 min and seeing that you still have over a half hour left..! But I did it and I am quite proud!
  • I also hung out with my good friend tonight who I have not seen in a while! We laughed until our stomachs ached and commiserated about being overweight. We both have huge changes that need to happen.
  • I ate pretty healthy minus the soda I impulsivity bought :/ I ate: 3 pieces of cheesy bread, a water bottle, a mtn dew (WHOOPS!) a pb&sj and a crackerful bar.

Overall it was nice to have Thursday off. I have been working 5-6 days a week lately which was pretty stressful w school and stuff but for some reason my hours have decreased at work. I’m not gonna complain about it for now- the break is nice. So yeah, I went to class today, took a nap until 3:00- whoops and then went to the gym around 6:20 and hung out with Devere!

Night ya’ll,



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