Weight stress

Not impressed with my weight loss. I find it is very stressful to have weekly weigh ins. I havent had one yet but it is stressing me out. I mean I have been working hard (for the most part) and attempting to eat healthy. I have cut out soda, I don’t eat as much candy and I havent eaten any fried food. I worked out today for 33 min and burned 319 calories, which seems miniscule next to the 340 I bured the other day doing the same workout.

I just dont want to go in on monday for my weigh in and find I havent lost any weight. Even if I do loose weight I realizied it is un realistc for me to leave in February at my goal weight.. I guess I will have to wait longer or kick up my workouts. I was lazy and didnt go yesterday. I was going on 5 hrs of sleep and ended up sleeping the rest of the day before work. :/
I think I should try doing cardio for at least an hour like the sarget said. That way I KNOW I am trying and I can’t feel bad about myself.

I was bad and ate a lot of wite bread today. I had bread @ work and then cheesey breadstick from papa murphys. 😦 I also bought laffy taffy today.. 😦 meow. I better figure my shit out otherwise I am gonna stay fat and never be able to join.

Allie D.


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