Veterans day

The cool hat I got from my recuiter!

Not too much to report. Been enjoying not having to work these past two days. Although I am quite bored sitting here in m y pjs on a saturday night at 9:37 like a loser writing on a blog that noone will probs ever read… I need a life. :/

Yesterday was 11/11/11 and veterans day! It was pretty cool because I had a rescpect for the holiday. Ithink in the past I didnt reall y care as I assume most can relate. But knowing that in a year I will (hopefully) be apart of the army and someday BE  vet is mindblowing. Despite being slighty tispy from a rootbeer float martini (it was not as good as it sounded) I went ti the gym after a dinner out with the fam. I worked my arms a lot and attempted to run. I realized that my reebock easy tone shoes that cost $85 are super uncomfortable. I couldnt focus on running because my feet were hurting so much. Perhaps that is on account of me weighing so gosh darn much?

Anyway, at dinner my family was really supportive of my decision. My mom said “Allie, I think this could be a really great thing for you.” So that is awesome! I also asked them not to tell anyone because A. it is my business to tell B. it would be embarrasing if a buncha ppl found out and I didn’t “get in” and C. I havent even posted it on FB.

 I think me not posting it on FB is a clear indication of how serious I am about this. I tend to be one of those people who use FB to post, like, everything. I’m not talkin bowel movements or the last time I banged but I post when I am sad, angry or wahtever. I guess I don’t want to be embarrased if things don’t end up working out for me. I also don’t know how people would react- the last thing I need is people tearin me down and telling me I can’t do it. So I figure I will post it once I have taken my oath. That way noone can say shit and I’ll be like “yeah, I’m in the military, what now hatersss?!” 🙂

I unfortunatly did not work out today because I ended up falling asleep from 4-7 :/ But I can still do push ups and sit ups. The reality of that happening is not so great but I’m sure I can talk myself into doing something. I will say I am proud that I have not purchased a 20 oz soda since…. Lets go with tueday, couldnt be monday but idr. I ate a cookie today so that wasnt cute and I may or may not have bought a bag of lifesaver gummies last night. I figured it was the least of all evils. I still wish I could buy those white chocolate covered oreos because they are my FAV and the yare only around during the holidays. however my logic is, they will still be around in a month so there is no need to buy them now!

Anyway, Thanks Ya’ll!

Comments are always welcome btw, I’d love to hear what you have to say!


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