Reason for my Screenname

So some of you may be wondering what is the reason for such a random screen name.. Well A little vocab lesson (and help from will tell you that apex means:

  1. the highest point; vertex and
  2. a pinnacle or high point, as of a career.

So you can see that where I am in life, what with deciding to join the united states army, I am at the Apex of something huge in my life. I feel that all of my life has been leading up to this past few days in realizing my potential. It may sound crazy, deciding to make such a huge life decision but I am 90%  98% confident in this what I should be doing.

I chose the word honor because honor is a synonym of being a soldier in my eyes. There is nothing more respectable or honorable than rising above hardship and becoming a national leader.

Goodnight, Ya’ll



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