Beginning of a Life-Long Journey

Hello World!

My name is Allie. I am a 21-year-old female from Wisconsin. A little bit about me:

  • I am a professional actress
  • I went to school for musical theatre for a little over a year
  • I love to sing,act, dance, play piano and write music
  • My favorite movies are the scream series, harold and maude, ordinary people, the patriot and saving private ryan

I am starting this blog because I have recently decided to begin the journey of joining the U.S. Army. Now, when you hear someone is joining the army you may have a preconceived notion of what “type” of person that person is. When I think of someone joining the army I usually think of a male. I also usually think of that male being rough and tough, someone who is very patriotic and committed to serving our country.

I suppose the funny thing is I am neither of those. This all came about on Sunday November 6,2011 when I was at brunch with my family. I made an off-hand remark about how I should just join the army because I feel like I am not doing anything with my life. I see all of my friends applying to grad school and making plans for the rest of their lives. I feel like I am just standing on the sidelines waving to everyone as they race by me.

I had already gone to a 4 year university and dropped out due to “social” issues and practically failing my classes. I left Stevens Point almost 2 years ago and feel like I have done nothing with my life since then. Although I continue to take classes at a 2 yr community college and work 2 jobs I feel stuck. It is 2011 and I should be preparing to apply to grad school and getting my party supplies for my college graduation.

After making that offhanded remark I paused a moment and something just CLICKED. In that moment in time, it all made sense. I realized what a great idea it was and from that moment I havent been able to stop thinking about it. I have weighed the option in my head tirelessly and I think it is a win-win situation. Yes there is risk, but it comes with a great reward.

I went to visit a recruiter today and we talked about me joining the reserves. I want to stick with the reserves now because A. If I join Active Duty I would have to wait until NEXT MAY because “the army is full.” B. Baby steps. They took my weight and height. I have to lose about 40 pounds because that is how overweight I let myself get in the past year. I am going in on Tuesday to get my measurements taken and take a practice test to evaluate my skills in math and words.

I am nervous about loosing 40 pounds and beginning an intense workout regime because:

  • Reason 1: I have gained like 50 pounds in the past year, which is disgusting. If I gained that much weight in a short amount of time it won’t be easy to take off.
  • Reason 2: I have to change my eating habits completely. No more bread, candy or soda. Neither of these will be easy to give up as I have become addicted to soda and I looooove candy!
  • Reason 3: What if I get lazy or give up? That better not be the case because then I am a lot weaker than I thought I was.

Reasons why I know I can and will do this

  • I am as serious as a heart-attack about joining the army
  • I have already made changes in my diet– no more soda and im staying about from white breads goodbye delicious chibatta loaves at bonefish grill!
  • I ran track in HS and worked out 5 days a week for 3 hours each day.
  • Anytime I eat something I think to myself “how is this gonna help me in the army?” NO MORE COOKIES FOR ME!

Reasons I have for enlisting:

  1. I want be able to push myself mentally and physically farther than I ever had. I won’t be able to slack off and just “get by” as I feel I have done with everything else in life.
  2. I want to be apart of something bigger than me. I want to be able to help others and be apart of a brother/sisterhood that will shape my life.
  3. I want to respect myself and gain confidence.
  4. I want to be able to respect others.
  5. I want a challenge.
  6. I want to do this for me and for the people I care about.
  7. I want to become a leader.
  8. To be able to wear the uniform is the epitome of determination and discipline.

And now a list of minor/ not-so-serious reasons for joining

  1. I want to be in the best physical shape I have been in my life.
  2. I can (finally) fit back into my skinny jeans! 🙂
  3. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. My whole life people have found ways to not take me seriously for some reason. I am doing this SOLEY for me, but I hope a reward of this will be able to demonstrate that I am capable of success.
  4. It will be fun to learn how to shoot a gun and use grenades
  5. It will be awesome to be called “Private Day” and Salute people.

I know, I am meant to do this. The past few days I have had this overwhelming sence of purpose in my life. I feel like the plants have aligned and the clouds have been cleared to reveal the path I am supposed to go down. I am exctied, nervous and ready to begin taking the steps twards the next phase of my life. I think sunday was a paramount day in the life of Allie Day because it was the start to the rest of my life.

So, cheers to the beginning of a bumpy road to my new, meaningful life!

Peace, Love and Respect yourself!


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